The future of Google voice search - will it take over?

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Do you have a habit of searching through text or voice search? Do you know, most of the people are still using searches by text? Is it true, there are people who think searching through text can be more convenient than voice search? The reasons are endless, first Google assistant can be irritating or frustrating. The device is still not perfect enough to rely on. Just like smart homes and smart cars the Google assistant will be smart enough, to recognise the voices of every native.

Well, the assignment writing help is curious to know, what will be the future of Voice search market? Will it invade the customer’s thoughts or not? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

  • Expectation vs. reality Google voice search
  • Voice search is compatible, convenient and have smarter queries
  • Good bye Google voice search and Hello Google Assistant
  • The AI and next Generation Assistant
  • Google voice search-Does it impact the SEO strategies?
  • Google assistant VS Google voice search who will take over whom

Expectation vs. reality Google voice search  

People are very curious to use Google voice search. What they expect from voice search to be natural, easily understandable and quick search results. But the reality is totally opposite, the voice search tend to be unnatural and the way it communicate is not relatable as per humans are concern. 
You wouldn’t want your conversation to die within a second, whenever you demand Google for anything with your voice. For instance, the Amazon Alexa has not meet the expectation of users or buyers as the main concern is the payment methods not displayed, the product is not presented exactly. And incorrect and misheard commands that make the customers not rely on such devices. 
Things have changed a lot now; improvised version of voice search has made the service reliable and highly convenient.

Voice search is compatible, convenient and have smarter queries  
Many people that search for queries or scroll results through voice search have searching style different plus the writing tone is more likely to be short and concise. However, when people use voice assistance or voice search device they tend to speak relatively in a long or detailed toned. For instance, when you search for ‘weather in America’ you won’t add any prepositions or adjectives to explain the query. However, when searching through voice you would say as ‘how is the weather in America’. So, the different in writing and speaking is total opposite. Google and Amazon are improvising the voice technology so that the assistant can comprehend the human voices in a more natural phrase. 

Good bye Google voice search and Hello Google Assistant  

This smart thought of shifting towards AI assistant then simple voice search is to make thing smarter and easier to direct results. Though this potential change can direct the users to search for queries without getting into the publishers site or type anything.

What makes Google to swipe voice search with Google assistant?

The thing is the voice search capabilities are still recognised in the future. However, the innovation and focused of voices search is shifted towards Android. Simply the Google is not offering their users both same things that may confuse them. Moreover, the smart assistant will work far better than voice search.  Though the Gartner research has predicted to 30% of the voice search sessions added in the browser. The voice assistant will conquer the users of voice search that is because the voice search is only representing searches through your speaking skills. However, the smart assistant is beyond our expectations. 

The AI and next Generation Assistant 

What if your voice search would be intelligent enough to detect your voice and give fastest results of all times? Our voices can do what our minds have not yet been through. Different languages, various forms of voices, speech recognition processes, and human can do anything with the source of speaking. 

That what’s Google has made voice usefulness possible.  You can run through devices, which the AI technology can easily grasp and track anytime, that deliver the answer almost ten times faster as speed of light. The seminar held to showcase the powerful technology advancement showed the experiment where Google AI was given task. 

Was this experiment successful enough to prove the smart technology?

Well, the Google assistant not only responds to multiple questions at a time as quickly. Moreover, it functioned nicely responding to every string of command. The best part is, you don’t have to repeat yourself ‘Okay Google’ whenever you shift to another question. 
The impressive and successful addition was the little assistant can differentiate between actions of a person commanding to use email and send it to a related person. 

Google voice search-Does it impact the SEO strategies?

In the 2020, the searches done on Google will not be typed but voiced over by humans. The future is set to point out for another big opportunity for marketers and SEO professionals. The predictions of voice search and smart assistant are circulating aimlessly in 2020, voice enabled apps will not only recognised your language. Also able to understand the context of the human voice easily, 2020 will set its wings with website sessions operating without a screen. 

So, what about the SEO optimisation and voice search? 

People will consciously use voice search to find websites and related results by the end of the year. So, the ranking has calculated to be almost one billion in 2018 January, which shows the Google is very much keen to use voice optimisation possible in the near future.  
 The people searching through voice search tend to find queries from local based content almost 22%. The brand has the opportunity to invest on such local content to gain optimised searched. 

Google assistant VS Google voice search who will take over whom

The prediction says the voice assistant will be the next the future service where 100 million users will be actively using it. It is believed that 8 years later every one of the fourth American will own a smart speaker. And, law assignments help says that by 2020 the 50% of all searches will be voice assistant. This is believe that the ratio of voice search users may dramatically increase, so as the Google assistant that will be smart and faster than ever.

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