People Come into Our Life for a Reason

If a friendship lasts longer than seven years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.

Life for a Reason

This is about that friend. I didn’t talk to him for almost 4 months just because of a small misunderstanding (he didn’t respond to my call). He tried reaching me multiple times but I didn’t respond. On 5th October he had come to Delhi with another friend of mine. That time also he had called me but as usual, I didn’t respond. He got engaged on the 7th of October, then also I didn’t call him to wish or anything. Last Sunday around 7:30 in the morning I got a call from him and accidentally I picked up. I was not well.

The first thing which came from him just after I said ‘Hello’ was ‘Tabiyat theek nahi hai teri?’.

  • I said ‘No, just little fever and cold.
  • He said ‘Let’s meet up the doctor I am coming’.
  • I said ‘You will come from Bangalore to take me to the doctor?’.
  • He said ‘No, I am at Delhi airport’
  • I asked ‘Why are you here? To meet your fiancé?’
  • He said ‘No. I am going to the US so have some visa-related work in the US embassy’.
  • Congratulations!! I said.

First, he was supposed to meet his fiancé in Noida but he came directly to my place and asked his fiancé to come to Laxminagar. I didn’t want to meet his fiancé in that condition so I objected but he was adamant and called her.

He did whatever he could at that time. His fiancé was just seeing everything silently then later I told her that we know each other for last 12 years so don’t be surprised.

Later in the afternoon, he left my place. I felt embarrassed and realized that he could have easily met his girl and enjoy the day but he gave me the first priority. He is going to the US which is very exciting for an IT guy, soon he will get married and live his life happily. Why he will care about someone who just didn’t bother to know anything? He is in a very good position in an IT company, earning enough life is going good for him. But despite all these, it doesn’t feel that there is any difference between us. It feels we are the same but in reality, we are not.
I called him and apologized. He said ‘It’s okay. We are not friends. We are like brothers. Misunderstanding happens but that should not become a bottleneck in relations. So chill and come to Kanpur on 18th Jan on my marriage’.


People come into our life for three things- a season, a reason, and a lifetime. When we understand which one it is, we are able to reciprocate accordingly.

Some people come into our life for a season. It feels exciting, enthralling, and incredible but that season has to move on. That season has the next phase. That season has an endpoint. Some people don’t care for us when we are alone, they just care when they are alone.

Some people come into our life for a reason. To help us learn, to help us grow, to help support us through our most difficult times. We should never forget the person who was there for us when no one else was. When they had every reason to not be there. When they could have used any excuse to not be in our life, they chose to be right there next to us. They may be there to help us physically, emotionally and in other aspects. They almost seem like they have been sent.

And then we have friends that are there for us for a lifetime. They were sometimes hidden in the crack. They were sometimes not even recognized but they stood there by our side. These were the people that we often forgot. These were the people we often missed. These were the people who were busy loving and caring for us even when we were giving nothing to them. Often, we feel we care more about people than they care for us. We are just looking at the wrong people.
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