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 Delhi to Kathmandu All Bus and Train Services

Delhi to Kathmandu All Bus Services

2 Easy Ways Delhi, New Delhi to Kathmandu 

  • By Bus Services to Kathmandu
  • By Train Services to Gorakhpur Jn and Raxaul  Jn After (Taxi Services and Bus Services)

1. DELHI to KATHMANDU DTC BUS (Delhi Transport Corporation)

  • From Delhi 10:00 Departure TO Kathmandu Arrival 13:00 Price 2800 Fixed (Government Approval price)

2. GAJRAJ BUS SERVICE (Private Bus Services)

  • From Delhi 04:20 PM Departure TO Kathmandu Price 2800  

3. Northern Travels AC (Private Bus Services )

  • From Delhi 5:10 PM Departure  TO Kathmandu  Price ₹ 2,899 

4. United Manjushree Tour And Travels  AC (Private Bus Services )

  • From Delhi 4:00 PM Departure TO Kathmandu Price ₹ 3,100

5. Asians Shina Tours and Travels AC (Private Bus Services)

  • From Delhi 7:30 AM Departure TO Kathmandu Price ₹  3,199

6. Asians Shina Tours and Travels AC (Private Bus Services)

  • From Delhi 10:15 AM Departure TO Kathmandu Price ₹ 3,249

7. ABISKA HOLIDAYS TOURS AC (Private Bus Services)

  • From Delhi 6:00 PM Departure TO Kathmandu Price ₹ 3,400

How to get from Delhi to Kathmandu by Bus

Kathmandu is one of the most important cities in Nepal. It also has a good cultural and historical significance. Many tourists visit this city because they want to spend some time here. If you are planning to go there then you must know all the details about this place such as its distance from Delhi, how many buses run between Delhi and Kathmandu on daily basis, how much does it cost? etc. So let us discuss all these things in detail:

Kathmandu is a city in Nepal and the capital of the country.

Kathmandu,officially the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, is the capital and the most populous city of Nepal with 845,767 inhabitants living in 105,649 households in 2021 and 2.9 million people in its urban agglomeration. It is located in the Kathmandu Valley, a large valley in the high plateaus in central Nepal, at an altitude of 1,400 metres (4,600 feet)

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and a beautiful one at that. It's surrounded by hills and mountains, making it an attractive destination for tourists who come to see all that Kathmandu has to offer. The city itself is known for its various temples and monuments, which can be found throughout the town. In addition to these ancient structures, there are many modern buildings as well!

Kathmandu served as the seat of the ruling Shah family of the Gurkha people from 1768 to 2008. Kathmandu was founded in 1656 by Gorkha leader Bhimsen Thapa who wanted his own kingdom after being defeated by Shah Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana (who later became King) during their fight over control over Sikkim. Today there are around 1 million residents living here who work hard every day just so they can afford housing with electricity or at least running water!

Delhi To Kathmandu Bus Information

The bus is the most popular means of transport between Delhi and Kathmandu. It is also the most comfortable way to travel between Delhi and Kathmandu, as it provides you with a good quality ride at affordable prices.

The journey from Delhi to Kathmandu by bus can be done in about 5 hours flat, which gives you enough time for sightseeing along the way! If you want more time at your disposal then we recommend taking our overnight sleeper services as they are more relaxing than sitting in a seat all day long with no break until reaching your destination.

The distance between Delhi to Kathmandu is around 1141kms.

The distance between Delhi to Kathmandu is around 1141 kms. It takes around 26 hours by road.

There are 7 buses traveling from Delhi to Kathmandu on a daily basis, with an average start time of 05:30 and an average end time of 19:00 (according to our last check).

The bus departs from New Delhi Bus Station and arrives at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu via Phitsanulok or Khao Yai.

Delhi To Kathmandu Bus Timing and Fare

The bus timings are from 5:00am to 7:00pm, with the fare being around INR 2800-3500. The Delhi to Kathmandu journey takes around 26 hours.

This route has beautiful views of the hills and mountains along with some amazing scenic beauty.

This route has beautiful views of the hills and mountains along with some amazing scenic beauty. The road is good, but there are many hills along the way that you will have to climb as part of your journey. You can see many Hindu temples on this route, which makes it even more interesting.

The bus will stop for breaks at various places along its journey and also stops at a hotel so that passengers can get off, stretch their legs etc., before continuing onward towards Kathmandu.

Delhi to Kathmandu Bus Types 

There are several bus types you can choose from Delhi to Kathmandu. You can take a bus that is operated by the government or private companies, or even charter buses for those who want to travel at their own pace.

·         Government-operated buses are the most popular and reliable option because they have better security standards than private companies, but they're also more expensive than their counterparts due to higher operational costs and fewer stops between cities.

·         Private buses are cheaper than government-operated ones but have lower quality service due to less regulation on service quality and safety standards (which means they may not provide meals or toilet breaks).

How long does it take to get from Delhi to Kathmandu?

  • The journey from Delhi to Kathmandu takes around 26 hours.
  • It takes around 26 hours to get from Delhi to Kathmandu.
  • It takes around 26 hours to get from Kathmandu to Delhi.

Delhi is one of the places in India where you can find people of various religions, communities, castes etc.

Delhi is one of the places in India where you can find people of various religions, communities, castes etc. The city has people from all over India and it's a melting pot for different cultures. If you are looking for an authentic experience in India then Delhi should be your first stop because this place has everything that you need to explore!

How much does it cost to get from Delhi to Kathmandu?

The cost of traveling from Delhi to Kathmandu varies depending on the bus operator and type of bus you choose. A basic fare is Rs. 28,00-35,00 while an air-conditioned seat costs around Rs. Rs. 28,00-35,00 (about Rs. 28,00-35,00). If you want to travel with a luxury bus or car rental service then it will cost more than this amount but still less than Rs. 28,00 -35,00 per person per night.

You can get a discount if you book your ticket in advance as well as take advantage of online booking services like MakeMyTrip where they offer special offers on their site that allow customers to save up to 20% off their total cost when booking tickets before departure time arrives!

How many trips per day are there between Delhi and Kathmandu?

There are several buses that run between Delhi and Kathmandu. The most popular ones include Volvo and Non-AC.

There are two types of buses that run on this route, Volvo and Non-AC. The former is more comfortable but the latter may be cheaper to travel in if you need a seat for your bags or luggage. When it comes to operators, there are many options available in Delhi, Nepal and even outside India too!

  1. Section: Get to Kathmandu by Bus from Delhi
  2. Section: The distance between Delhi to Kathmandu is around 1141 kms.
  3. Section: Delhi To Kathmandu Bus Information
  4. Section: The highway that connects these two cities is one of the busiest in the country.
  5. Section: Delhi To Kathmandu Bus Timing and Fare 2800 -3500

The weather in Nepal has varied, it is hotter during the summer months compared to winters.  Also, be sure you pack an umbrella since it rains a lot and often at night.  During the winter months, temperatures can go as low as -10 degrees Celsius or even lower (that's about 18 degrees Fahrenheit).  There are also many summers where it can get up to 30 degrees Celsius or more (about 86 degrees Fahrenheit).  

You should always dress warmly when traveling outside of your home country so you won't get sick while visiting other countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh.  You'll need a permit for entering the country if you aren't an Indian citizen because they are extremely strict on those things.  If you're not an Indian citizen then you must have a visa before entering into their territory (which is easy) which will cost Rs. 28,00-35,00  It's important that you have all this information before your trip because they require additional paperwork at their checkpoints.   For more info, click here .

Takeaway: When traveling by bus from Delhi to Kathmandu, what time does it leave? How many trips per day are there? How long does it take?

Takeaway: How much does getting from Delhi to Kathmandu cost? Where do I buy tickets for buses? How do I pay for my ticket(s)? Is there any special type of bus I should take? What stops/stations do I need to make

Delhi to Gorakhpur by Train And Delhi to Raxaul 

Train Name & Number:- 

  • Gorakhdham Express:-  12556 Till Gorakhpur 
  • Vaishali Exprees:- 12554 Till Gorakhpur 

Train Name & Number:- 

  • Satyagrah Express:-  (15274) Till Raxaul
  • Sadbhavana Express (14015) Till Raxaul
  • Sadbhavana Express (14018) Till Raxaul
  • Sadbhavana Express (14007) Till Raxaul

Your journey to Kathmandu begins from Delhi, the capital of India. In order to get there quickly, first head towards Gorakhpur - located within Uttar Pradesh state and being the nearest major railway hub near Nepal's borders.

Choose a Train: To travel from Delhi to Gorakhpur by train, check the schedule and book tickets on an overnight train if possible - the journey typically lasts 10-12 hours and should take around six.

Departures from Delhi: Trains between Delhi and Gorakhpur typically depart from either New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) or Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT). Please arrive well ahead of the departure time at these stations.

Arrival at Gorakhpur: When arriving in Gorakhpur, passengers should disembark at Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station.

Travel from Gorakhpur to Sunauli by Bus or Taxi

Gorakhpur is the last major railway station before reaching Nepal's border. To cross over into India from here, Sunauli will be your nearest border town on Indian side.

Bus: Travel between Gorakhpur and Sunauli by taking one of the many available buses at Gorakhpur Bus Stand; expect the trip to take approximately three to four hours.

Taxi/Shared Cab: As another alternative, consider hiring a taxi or sharing one with other travelers and agreeing on an agreed-upon fare before setting out.

 From Sunauli to Bhairahawa (Nepal) by Foot

Once in Sunauli, it's time to cross the India-Nepal border on foot. Just a short stroll from Sunauli Bus Stand lies this border crossing, usually without any complications due to being equipped with all the required documents.

Bhairahawa to Kathmandu by Bus or Domestic Flight

Bus: From Bhairahawa, take a bus ride to Kathmandu which typically lasts 6-8 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

Domestic Flight: For an alternative and faster option, domestic flights between Gautam Buddha Airport in Bhairahawa and Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu may also be an option.


Traveling between Delhi and Kathmandu by train or other modes is an incredible experience that allows you to witness both India's distinct landscapes and culture as well as Nepal's fascinating heritage and striking natural features. Make sure to plan your journey carefully, remain up-to-date on current travel requirements, and most importantly enjoy every step along the way - Kathmandu has plenty of history and stunning landscapes waiting for your arrival! Safe travels!

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