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 “Life is like a gamble,” one must have heard the phrase. Since the day we were born, we have gambled throughout our lives. But the question is, what is gambling? Every risk you take, decisions you make, and every calculative thought taken for money, time, career or partner is gambling. It is a risk-taking ability which involves success and failures depending on how an individual plays a game.

One of the most beautiful parts of life is that no one can imagine or guarantee the result we get in this lifetime, what the future holds for us or what will happen the next day. So these little gifts of life full of surprises are the most astonishing part.

In this life journey, one should focus more on the positive aspect and always be optimistic about life and things. If you are waiting for that exam result, work hard, manifest and wait for it to be on your side. That job you were looking to get in, or you were looking to finish your bucket list or that dream destination you were waiting to visit. Work hard, manifest, sit back and relax. This is the most beautiful part of life: you give your 100% and wait for destiny to tell your result.

But what if you lose in your journey? The job you had high hopes for rejected you or you failed in your exam. Don't be afraid to lose in life; all the failures will guide you to better learning and experience. Don't be scared to take risks, experiment or cripple through your goal. This is what life is; this is what the gamble of life is. It is precisely the same as gamblers. The excitement and surprise element of the result and the dopamine rush while placing the bet make it more fun. 

To gamble through life, one must take risks. Building confidence in yourself will also help you through the journey and surprises of life. Start betting on yourself and feel the changes and growth. Grab the opportunities flowing through your way and play the game to win and not lose. 

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Gamble your way through some of the exciting games on this website and get a glimpse of what life brings to your path. Investing or gambling needs a zest for life, confidence and a positive attitude to overcome the fear of risk-taking. 

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