Some Outdated Wedding Trends that should be Removed from your Mood Boards

When it comes to wedding planning, wedding décor plays the most important role as it sets the right vibe for the celebration. Every year we get to see some trends that become the highlight of the wedding season. But while selecting some of them we should always keep in mind that not all trends are timeless! There comes a time when you just don’t want to see it anymore in the wedding celebrations! It can be the use of bold colours or puffed sleeves for bridal lehenga’s blouse’s sleeves and so on… All trend cycles are natural and after a while, they lose their charm! Also, every generation looks for trends that can make their wedding celebration special but you should understand that they may not stand the test of time.

Outdated Wedding Trends


Here are some of the décor and other wedding trends that should be replaced with something new and better…



That customised signage


There was a time when signage was a big hit in the wedding décor industry! Everything had signage such as signature drinks, ingredients, directions and so on. Incorporating printed or neon signs is now proving to be an ultimate waste! Too many of them have made them get out of hand. There are many Wedding venues in Rajokri that are also ditching the old-school signage trends to be in sync with the latest wedding décor trends. Such signs were used to add quirk as well as inform, but if something is obvious, then having a sign for it seems useless. It’s better to welcome your guests with a glass of Champagne or rosé rather than a huge welcome sign!




Meaningless wedding favours 


To make your wedding memorable for your guests too you must have been looking for creative and useful keepsakes. It can be a memento for your guest or anything but we think that you can ditch the favours and invest more in your guests' experience instead. Let us clear a fact for you that nowadays nobody notices if you don’t have favours on your sangeet function! It’s better to spend the money on something they will enjoy or remember!



Use of Palm Leaves, Pampas Grass, and Dried Florals for décor 


There was a time a year back when palm leaves and pampas grass were a thing. But we think they had their moment, especially when it was all about destination weddings. Now it’s time to give them a rest while going for a tropical or boho décor. Many decorators and designers believe that these were used as an unexpected alternative to fresh blooms. Therefore one should skip this trend! When they came into trend they were used for a different and unique floral approach, boho or desert wedding themes! You can go for greenery or stems from your floral blooms that will add beauty to the space!



"More Is More" Design


We know Indian Weddings are all about maximum decorations, grand décor settings, over-the-top chandeliers and so on. But we want to say that all that maximalist is out and people want to take the minimalist approach! Therefore you should go for subtle and organic décor. You should always keep in mind that the design or the décor of your wedding should speak about the natural environment as well as your aesthetic. Ditch the approach that more is always better. To make it more beautiful and subtle, look for trends that are more intentional in design choices.



Traditional Wedding shoots



To-be-wed couples are most excited about the photoshoot that comes along with the celebration. Those stunning pictures, dreamy bridal portraits and candid moments are the main reason for all that effort to look that flawless! In that photoshoot process usually, the family members and guests come individually one by one to get clicked with the couple. We think this should stop as most of them don’t even need those pictures! Also, those pictures with quirky party props, cliché quotes, shiny hats, sunglasses and photo booths make your wedding pictures nothing but awful. Above all, they have also gotten boring for the couple as well as for the photographers. Therefore, you should go for some new ideas for a wedding shoot! Go as candid as you can and instead of going for the former approach of photography go for something natural! You don’t need to even put in extra effort for making your wedding pictures memorable as the exotic venues, dreamy settings, and extravagant outfits with amazing makeup can do all that is required to make your wedding as well as your pictures memorable.



Feeling Pressured to Follow All The Traditions


As we all know, Indian weddings are all about traditions and rituals and couples need to surrender to these ideas! But as the times have changed couples are opting for something modern and they are ditching certain trends. It’s your wedding, therefore you should do something that pleases you and make it memorable the way you like it!



We hope this helps!

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