How Electronic Health Records Can Help Your Orthopedic Practice

Electronic health records (EHR) can make your orthopedic practice more effective in various ways. For orthopedic EHR to benefit your practice, it must have the necessary features. Here are some features to consider before buying EHRs for your orthopedic practice:


Customizable orthopedic EHRs have functionality that can fit varying orthopedic workflows. Try to find an EHR system specifically built by other orthopedists collaborating with experienced software engineers. This way, you can make sure you have the tools you need to help your business.

Care Management

Your orthopedic electronic health records should help you know your patients’ progress for better care. They should be able to upload patients’ data, like weight status and blood pressure, along with different care settings, like your patients’ responses to therapies and surgeries. That way, the on-call doctor or nurse can see where the patient is so they know what care they need.


Personal information, diagnoses, lab results, and medical histories are examples of data stored in orthopedic EHRs. Better orthopedic EHR integration can improve the security of your patient data as they work with your other orthopedic systems where information is inputted into the system. Better data migration and privacy are also characteristics of well-integrated orthopedic EHRs.

How EHRs Can Help With Your Orthopedic Practice

EHRs can help you deliver the best orthopedic care to patients and grow your practice. Here is how EHRs can help you achieve this:

Promote Patient Engagement

Proper patient engagement can grow your orthopedic clinic. The more you effectively engage with your patients, the more trust you build with them. EHRs improve patient engagement by allowing them to participate in their treatment journeys. They can track and manage their orthopedic prescriptions, records, or appointments through the patient portal. Well-engaged patients tend to be satisfied and can recommend others to visit your orthopedic clinic. 

Make Your Orthopedic Practices More Efficient

Electronic health records can simplify your orthopedic’s workflow, speeding up pre- and post-treatment processes. EHR templates can also help you address various patient complaints quickly. They don’t have to spend time visiting your clinic to ask questions about their diagnoses or appointments. E-prescribing and artificial intelligence (AI) are other orthopedic EHR features that can boost your practice’s efficiency.

Improve Your Patient Imagery 

Orthopedists need patient imagery to screen and evaluate problems like soft tissue injuries, muscle problems, or skeletal fractures. Compatibility of your EHR system with other related orthopedic software can promote easier access to patient digital imagery. For better patient imagery management, your electronic health record system should be compatible with the following:

  • X-rays
  • Bone scan
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Computed Tomography (CT) scan

Promote Value-based Treatment

Value-based orthopedic treatment must be patient-centered, effective, safe, timely, and equitable. Electronic health records can promote value-based treatment by providing you with all the remote patient information. Preventive patient care and treatment effectiveness resulting from EHRs also promote value-based orthopedic medicine.

Prevent Errors

Orthopedic diagnostics must be accurate to help you offer the right treatment plans. Electronic health records can provide error-free patient data, enabling accurate diagnosis. Adopting EHRs for your orthopedic practice can also prevent patient data theft or duplication. Elimination of such risks contributes to accurate orthopedic procedures and zero patient complaints. You can also avoid possible legal actions caused by distorted patient data. 

Boost Your Income

Seeing your orthopedic practice grow and generate more revenues should be one of your objectives. Improved patient care quality promoted by orthopedic EHRs can maximize your clinic’s revenue. That happens after the treated patients recommend others to visit your orthopedic clinic. EHRs for orthopedics can also help you track your revenues because of their automated billing. Monitoring your payments can boost your financial management. 

Adopt Orthopedic EHR Today

Orthopedic EHR can grow your practice by promoting patient care quality, efficiency, accuracy, and patient data safety. EHR software can also improve your communication with patients, helping you offer the proper treatment. Buy an EHR system with the right features and see your orthopedic practice become better.

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