What Is Instagram’s New Threads App, and Where Does It Stand a Month After Launching?


Since Elon Musk bought Twitter last year, the social media platform’s environment has undergone a significant adjustment. In an effort to unseat the mammoth, several new competitors have developed. However, none of them have truly taken off despite the excitement surrounding some of them, including Bluesky. That is until Instagram Threads appeared.

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Instagram Threads has quickly surpassed 49 million daily active users, and it did it in a record amount of time – just two days after launching, on July 7; it was 30 million in 24 hours! It outpaced ChatGPT, which in 5 days managed to attract one million users, which was considered the fastest-growing user base in history for a consumer application.

So, what is the platform’s secret recipe? Let us look at it.

All About Instagram Threads

Instagram’s spinoff app, Threads, prioritizes interactions above visual material. You may publish text updates and participate in public discussions by logging in using your Instagram account. The app’s interface is similar to the Instagram comment area, but it also includes Twitter capabilities like reacting and resharing content. You can submit links, up to 10 photographs, clips up to five minutes long, and up to 500 characters (more than Twitter’s 280 characters).

Threads cannot be edited. Threads lacks a trending section and appears to not employ hashtags, in contrast to Twitter. Not supporting hashtags... Hmm... Given that the great majority of social media users have been accustomed to utilizing them over the last several years, the loss of this function might be both good and bad news (mostly bad) for many of them. This could be one of the factors contributing to a drop in Threads users over the course of the first month after debut, a matter we shall discuss later.

How to Create an Instagram Threads Account?

The main driver of Instagram Threads’ initial popularity was the sign-up procedure. Instead of starting from scratch like other Twitter rivals, Threads draws on Instagram’s 2.35 billion active users. You may quickly register using your Instagram account and save the headache of providing personal information. Even the bio may be transmitted automatically.

The application procedure is simple. You may now easily access Threads on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store by downloading the app, launching it, selecting “Log in with Instagram”, and then selecting the “Import from Instagram” option. At the moment you sign up for Threads, you receive an ID depending on your rank. On your Instagram profile, this ID shows as a badge next to your name or username. It informs others that you are now a part of the Threads community. Users under the age of 18 will automatically be given a private profile.

Instagram Threads: How to Make Use of It?

If you have ever used Twitter, Threads will be a breeze for you.

Some of the followers on your feed will be familiar if you import them from Instagram. By pressing on the pencil symbol on the navigation bar’s bottom, you may respond to those posts or write your own. If you have not already, just search for and follow some of your favorite Instagram profiles on the network.

How Does Instagram Threads Compare to Twitter?

Instagram Threads persists as a feature-light, basic app. For instance, Threads merely allows you to search for users to follow, unlike Twitter, which offers a comprehensive search feature that enables you to find interesting tweets and trending topics. Unlike Instagram, you cannot submit posts straight to other users using Threads. However, the app’s journey has only begun, and it will probably continue to change over time.

The fact that Instagram Threads is supported by such a large user base, however, gives it the edge over Twitter. You have a successful formula if you combine it with the rising discontent around Elon Musk’s leadership of Twitter.

Though, with Musk’s purchase of Twitter, Threads is not the only Twitter alternative to emerge. Mastodon, the “anti-Twitter”, Bluesky, then a Twitter clone backed by Jack Dorsey, Substack Notes, and several other options are available. However, because they had to start from scratch with their audiences, they might come across as quite lifeless to users used to the more dynamic Twitter. Mastodon is frequently seen as being too technical for the common user when compared to new social media networks' ease of use.

However, there are certain privacy issues with Instagram’s Threads app. A lengthy list of rights that users must allow to the app can be seen in its App Store description, including access to users’ “Financial Info” and “Sensitive Info”. To put so much faith in an app from Meta, the old Facebook, which has been dogged by scandals and problems, is a big step.

What Is the Background of Threads and What Is the Future of the Platform?

Some Instagram users might be familiar with Meta’s new app Threads. That is because the same business previously released an Instagram companion app in 2019 under the moniker Threads. Users may exchange status updates and talk with their “Close friends” using this “camera-first” messaging software. Nevertheless, it was dropped in December 2021. Recently, Threads made a comeback as a brand-new app that competes with Twitter.

Chris Cox, product chief at Meta, laid out his goals for Threads at a company-wide conference in June. He wanted it to be a safe, trustworthy platform where artists could find a place to start and expand their audiences.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the steward of the web’s open standards, invented ActivityPub, a universal protocol for social networking, and Meta aims to make Threads compatible with it. “This would make Threads interoperable with other apps that also support the ActivityPub protocol, such as Mastodon and WordPress – allowing new types of connections that are simply not possible on most social apps today,” announces Meta.

Will Advertisers Be Better Catered to on Threads Compared to Twitter?

Previous Twitter rivals lacked a vital component necessary to succeed in the social app market: a clear growth and adoption plan. Again, we must emphasize Threads’ distinct advantage over Twitter in this context: its 30 million overnight users do not require massive user data gathering. It probably already has a lot of information about people from their Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp activity.

Why should marketers pay attention to Threads? New features are continually being added to Threads to improve user experiences. With these enhancements, users should be able to find topics that interest them quickly and interact in fun, creative ways. The team’s primary areas of work include increasing message capabilities, giving creators tools, aiding subject and trend identification, and expanding search features. Undoubtedly, as soon as a user base is developed and actively engaged, advertising opportunities will materialize.

Though many business owners/firms might not be active on Twitter, Threads gives them the opportunity to interact with their viewership in a more meaningful and quick-paced way. Advertising professionals must keep up with competitor activity and comprehend consumer reactions and interactions. At the moment, marketers may focus on growing their organic reach while establishing their presence on Threads.

Despite there being no explicit mention of monetizing or adverts on the platform as of yet, meaning that e.g. the best Indian online casinos in 2023 at topcasinoexpert.com/country/india/ cannot count on their ads luring passionate punters yet, given the nature of Meta, it is possible that commercials will be added to Threads soon.

After a Month, Threads App Usage Dropped by 79%

Threads’ initial joy did not last very long. Due to the nearly immediate integration of Instagram users to the latest text-based social platform, it had a massive release at the beginning of July. The increase in active Threads users did not last, though. The number of active users for the app spiked within the first few days as new users were eager to check it out and discover who else was using it, but that quickly subsided.

Based on estimations for Android, the platform for mobile applications for which they possess the most comprehensive data, Similarweb has been monitoring Threads usage. Considering that the Threads website is now read-only, web usage does not yet play a large role in the narrative here. Important findings show that Threads’ instant popularity was a mirage, but none of these numbers indicate that the company will not flourish in the long run.

·        Globally, daily active user time with the app peaked at around 14 minutes, but on July 7, it was considerably longer in the US: around 21 minutes. That had decreased to 3 minutes as of August 7. Comparatively, X (previously Twitter) has over 100 million active users on a daily basis on only Android, and they routinely log in for roughly 25 minutes each day.

·        On July 7, there were 49.3 million daily active consumers of the Threads Android app globally. On August 7, however, there were only 10.3 million per day active users of the app. On July 7, Threads had 2.3 million active users on a daily basis in the US, up from roughly 576,000 on August 7.


The social network that is Twitter’s arch-rival still needs to establish itself.

While Twitter had not yet changed its name to X, rate constraints on messages had irritated active users, giving them further motivation to hunt for an alternative. Threads entered the picture during the most recent swirl of problems at Twitter. Compared to other competitors, Threads could still stand an increased likelihood of becoming “the novel Twitter”, but it has to give users more reasons to return.

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