How to Get from Split to Dubrovnik - 3 Easy Comman Ways & Time

 Croatia's beautiful Dalmatian Coast entices travelers with its captivating landscapes, historic towns, and sparkling Adriatic waters. Two must-visit destinations on this coastline are Split and Dubrovnik - each city offering something special. If you plan to explore both of these cities, finding transportation between them will be key - in this blog, we explore three common and easy methods of travel with estimated travel times to help plan your journey efficiently.

Split to Dubrovnik UK- 3 Easy Ways & Time

Split to Dubrovnik UK

By Car:

Traveling between Split and Dubrovnik by car offers plenty of freedom, scenic views and personal exploration at your own pace. Follow these steps: Begin your trip from Split by heading southeast along E65 Highway (also known as D8) towards Dubrovnik.

  • Continue along the coastal road, passing charming seaside towns and providing amazing views of Adriatic coastline.
  • At some point, you'll reach Dubrovnik. 

Travel Time: Driving to Dubrovnik typically takes three to four hours depending on traffic and stops along the way; making this an excellent way of discovering hidden gems while enjoying Croatia's scenic coastline.

By Bus:

Bus travel between Split and Dubrovnik is an efficient and popular means of travel in Croatia, boasting an extensive bus network linking major cities and tourist sites alike.

  • Check your bus schedule and purchase tickets at the Split bus station near the city center before 
  • Boarding a bus bound for Dubrovnik.

Sit back, relax, and take pleasure in the scenic coastal journey on board a bus.itineraire The travel time on these buses typically lasts around 4 to 5 hours depending on traffic conditions and any stops the bus makes along its journey - making this an affordable, yet comfortable and budget-friendly option for travelers.

By Ferry

By Ferry: For an unforgettable and scenic journey, consider taking a ferry between Split and Dubrovnik. While there isn't a direct route between these cities, here are the steps:

  • Take a ferry or catamaran from Split to one of the nearby islands such as Hvar or Korcula for easy access back onto the mainland.
  • From there, take another ferry or catamaran back to Dubrovnik from any nearby islands. 

Travel time varies based on ferry schedules and island connections but typically takes five to seven hours. While it is a longer journey, this option offers you the chance to see beautiful Croatian islands along the way!


Travel from Split to Dubrovnik offers both adventure and natural beauty, whether by car, bus, or ferry. Each method offers distinct advantages that give travelers an unforgettable experience. Plan your route according to your personal preferences, time constraints and desire for exploration - then prepare to be amazed by Croatia's Dalmation coast!

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