How to Obtain Your Washington State Real Estate License: A Step-by-Step Guide

 If you have a passion for real estate and would like to build a career in the industry, you need to first obtain your Washington state real estate license. This is a crucial step towards realizing your career goal. While you may still be wondering about how to become a real estate agent in Washington State, and the steps to take, you don’t have to worry anymore because this piece explores the steps to take to earn your WA state real estate license.

Washington State Real Estate License

Understanding the requirements

Before you can start looking into how to get a real estate license in Washington, you will need to know the requirements for licensees as set by the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL). Here are the requirements:

  • Be not less than18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Complete an approved pre-licensing course
  • Undertake and pass a background check
  • Pass the Washington State real estate exam

Taking pre-license education

As an aspiring real estate agent, you will need to enroll in a state-approved real estate course and complete the mandatory 90 hours of real estate education. The good news is that you can take the course in a conventional class setup, online, or through a hybrid system.

Online courses have lots of advantages including convenience, cost-savings, and self-paced learning. You can click here to explore one of the best online real estate schools and consider enrolling with them. Their real estate courses cover all essential topics, including real estate principles, finances, contracts, real estate practices, and the laws governing the transactions in the industry.

Sitting and passing the state exam

Once you have completed your pre-licensing education, the next step in your journey of obtaining a Washington State real estate license is to book and pass your Washington State real estate exam. The exam is set to check your comprehension of essential areas such as the state’s real estate laws, principles, and practices. You can schedule your exam through the website of the Washington State Department of Licensing. It is crucial you review your course material thoroughly and prepare well for the exam to stand a better chance of passing on your first trial.

Submitting your license application

After passing the state real estate exam, you need to submit your application for the WA real estate license to the DOL. It’s crucial you ensure your application is complete and submit the required documents:

  • Proof of completing the pre-licensing education
  • Proof of passing the exam
  • Other relevant documents

You must also pay the application fee as you make the license application.

Undertaking a background check

As part of the journey to getting a Washington State real estate license, you need to undergo a background check. The check involves getting fingerprinted to check your criminal history. If you are found to have had some criminal convictions your application of getting a real estate license may be delayed or even denied. 

Choosing a sponsoring managing broker

You will need to work under the supervision of a managing broker to activate your WA state real estate license. It is crucial you do your homework and find a reputable and successful brokerage that is compatible with your values and career aspirations. As you look for a suitable managing broker, consider things such as:

  • Company culture
  •   Training programs
  •   Location
  • Commission splits


Having received your Washington State real estate license and with the mentorship of a managing broker, you can go ahead to launch your real estate career in Washington. You need to network with other professionals in the field, market yourself, and keep yourself updated with industry trends as well as market conditions. As you can see, the journey to getting your real estate license is not a complicated one if you know the steps to follow.

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