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 After enjoying your time in Naples, Italy, perhaps Sorrento might be an interesting destination? Or vice versa.

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Naples to Sorrento

Naples and Sorrento are only located about 50km (30 miles apart, so what is the most efficient means of traveling between these cities?

Well, our tour guides in Sorrento and Naples are often asked about traveling between these two locations; therefore they have many useful travel tips we will include here.

First and foremost, travelers need to understand there are various modes of transport between Naples and Sorrento: train, bus, ferry and of course driving!

Our tour guides understand every step of this journey as they have already traveled between these cities themselves.

5 Easy Ways to get from Naples to Sorrento

  • Ferry  - Time :-55Min - Price :- ₹1,400 - ₹3,500
  • Bus - Time :-1hrs 15Min - Price :- ₹400 - ₹700
  • Train - Time :-1hrs 10Min - Price :- ₹550 - ₹850
  • Taxi - Time :-50Min - Price :- ₹1,5000 - ₹2,5000
  • Own Drive - Time :-50Min - Price :- ₹1,000 - ₹1,500

While trains may be an easier option for most, renting a car will allow you to explore some of the smaller villages along your journey. Driving is generally considered the fastest mode of travel; an hour is the usual travel time on average while trains average 80-90 minutes of travel time at most; buses may sometimes even provide quicker transit time depending on traffic issues.

Ferries take approximately 80-90 minutes, but are an excellent option if you prefer taking in Italy's coast as part of your journey!

Your journey could range anywhere from EUR4 to over EUR200 depending on which option you select; we advise opting for the Circumvesuviana train since there is minimal difference in travel time between options.

Though our Rome Travel Tips Facebook Group tends to focus mainly on one ancient city, members may offer advice regarding other parts of Italy as well. If there are any queries that cannot be found within this post or elsewhere on our site, feel free to visit and ask in our Facebook Group as well - just to be sure!

If you plan to take a tour when you arrive, be aware that our free Sorrento walking tour starts in Piazza Tasso.

This destination lies just a few blocks away from both the train station and ferry terminal, making it accessible by foot in approximately 5-10 minutes.

These tours take place four times daily between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm and cost EUR60 each time. There are also paid tours covering foodie tours in Amalfi, its coast, and much more!

For more details on walking tours in Sorrento, visit our full post here. Train | EAV Circumvesuviana When travelling between Naples and Sorrento by train is one of the easiest and best methods.

There are various options in this regard; EAV Circumvesuviana stands out.

As its name implies, this train circumnavigates (circumvents) Mount Vesuvius.

On its journey between Pompeii Train Station and Sorrento, this tired little train often makes stops at Pompeii, several other cities and can become overcrowded with locals, tourists and pickpockets alike.

Circumversuviana trains depart Naples Centrale Train Station in Piazza Garibaldi from track 3 on the lower level.

Follow the signs to Circumvesuviana or EAV to locate your platform.

Sorrento is the destination for blue line travelers.

Tickets may be purchased at ticket windows and newsstands, or through either of two apps - GoEAV and UnicoCampania.

Trains leave regularly throughout the day from early morning until 21:30 (9:30 pm).

Download an up-to-date schedule of departure times via this pdf available here, on the left of this page and under English or via apps.

Journey time between Naples and Sorrento by direct train takes approximately one hour and 10 minutes and costs roughly EUR45.00 one way ticket.

FAQ - Naples to Sorrento

1. What is the cheapest way from Naples to Sorrento?

For travel between these two Italian cities, bus is your cheapest option with prices ranging between Rs410 - Rs600 and taking 1h 10m.

2. What is the fastest way from Naples to Sorrento?

Ferry services take 45 minutes and cost anywhere between Rs1,400-3,200;

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